Guadalupe Martinez-Ramirez, New Technology High School Counselor

“Ms. Hamler embodies all characteristics which I feel define an effective guidance counselor:
compassion, professionalism, empathy, leadership, openness, and warmth. She consistently puts
her students’ needs before any others and goes the extra mile to meet their academic, career, and
personal needs.
As a member of the New Technology High School Student Services Department, Ms. Hamler
was instrumental in running a successful Internship and Scholarship Program for all students.
She established positive and effective relationships within our school and community at large.
Her collaboration, communication, and organizational skills are some of the best I have seen in
the 15 years I have served as a professional school counselor.
Ms. Hamler’s incomparable and charismatic personality and great communication skills truly
enhanced the professional relationships our department had with the rest of New Technology High’s professionals. Her warm and compassionate way of communicating with all whom she
approached, as well as with those who approached her, was obvious to all of us who worked with
her. Her warm personality and great passion for her work have earned her the love and respect
of her students, peers, and administrators.”