Thank you for your interest in my college planning services. The main focus of my business is helping high school students and their parents and guardians successfully navigate the sometimes overwhelming and confusing college planning process. Here’s how we’ll get started:


1Contact me by email or phone
We’ll briefly discuss the student’s situation and schedule a meeting with both student and parents or guardians present. I will provide you with a college planning questionnaire that will help us prepare for our initial family meeting.

2Initial meeting
During our initial family meeting, we’ll review the student’s academic record, transcripts, PSAT, SAT or ACT test scores, and extracurricular activities. In addition, we’ll discuss the student’s strengths, needs, interests, and goals. Expectations of the college planning process, any current challenges, and specific family concerns will also be addressed.

3Moving forward
In the course of our initial family meeting, we’ll determine the college planning package most suited for your student and family. For my college planning packages and fees, please click on the How Much Will it Cost? button below.

I look forward to providing your family with personalized and experienced guidance in a friendly, focused, and purposeful manner.

How Much Will It Cost?