Heidi Hamler Announces the Importance of College Consulting in Napa

Heidi Hamler, an education consultant in Napa, has announced the importance of working with a college adviser as early as sophomore year of high school. 

Napa, CA – November, 2016 – Heidi Hamler has announced that high school students will benefit from college consulting in Napa as early as their sophomore year. As a college adviser in Napa, Heidi Hamler has helped hundreds of high school students navigate the often-murky waters of preparing for college or a career after high school.

The process, from selecting schools to visit, to figuring out which major is best suited to each student, can feel overwhelming to high school students and their families. Starting early, however, can reduce the stress involved and set the student up for a successful and meaningful career. Using an independent education consultant in Napa can give students a leg up, and helps them to focus on working towards their education and career goals. 

For example, Heidi Hamler suggests high school students begin visiting college campuses as early as sophomore year because of the number of great institutions with unique cultures, many of which are often overlooked because they have a lesser known reputation. By starting the search early, students will be better able to tailor their high school classes and extra curricular activities to meet their ideal college’s entrance expectations and requirements.

Financial considerations are another reason students and parents should begin college preparations early, as this provides them with a better understanding of how much each college or degree will cost, and give them opportunities to earn college specific scholarships or grants.

For more information about the importance of college consulting in Napa, or to request a consultation, please contact Heidi Hamler directly.

About Heidi Hamler

Heidi Hamler first discovered her love of helping teens discover their passions while still in college herself and has dedicated herself to helping students develop personalized college plans based on their educational and career goals, and personal interests. 


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