Heidi Hamler, a College Adviser in Napa, has Announced the Common Traits English Majors Possess that Employers’ Find Desirable

Napa, CA – November, 2016 – Heidi Hamler, who provides college consulting in Napa to high school students and their families, has announced the common personality traits of English Majors that employers look for when making hiring decisions. These traits include critical thinking skills, boldness in the workplace, and writing ability. 

English Majors, due in large part to their reading and essay requirements while in college, tend to have strong critical thinking skills, which is a very valuable skill to have when navigating the employment market. It shows employers that they have the ability to problem solve without direct supervision.

Boldness allows English Majors to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions that may not have been presented or thought of otherwise. English Majors are by nature bolder than the average student, due to the less than savory reputation the major has developed, and often build strong backbones against criticism, using it instead to better their skills.

Writing ability is another trait that English Majors either innately possess or have worked diligently to cultivate. Being able to concisely articulate ideas and correspond with customers or other businesses is vital to most industries, making this skill highly valuable when applying for jobs after college.

Heidi Hamler has spent her career as a college adviser in Napa helping high school students develop actionable plans for college acceptance by coaching them to turn their passions and interests into a career. To learn more about what traits each major offers, or to request a college consultation, please contact Heidi Hamler directly.

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Heidi Hamler found her passion of helping teens reach their educational goals while still in college herself at California State University, Fresno while working in the university’s career services department. She has since helped hundreds of students reach their goals.


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